Rural Africa Water Development Project (RAWDP) Nigeria

Joachim Ibeziako Ezeji - Sunday 21 May 2006

Responding to your concluding questions,I will add as follows;

Lessons Learned:
Reading the various postings is an entirely new orientation for me.However the passion and enthusiam with which participants discussed their work at making clean and safe water abundantly available impressed me.It inspires me to talk about the Mor-sand Filter designed by RAWDP,Nigeria.The filter mainstreams effective coagulation as a crucial forerunner for efficient filtration,and as being more significant than filtration parameters such as filter media and filtration rate.

Knowledge Sharing:
Many people lack the tools of communication and language,some lack time while some are simply undecided to contribute or prebvaricators etc.Access to the e-conference entry points may be lacking in many places.To effectively stimulate sharing I advice you recognise every stakeholder and treat all with fairness irrespective of level of operation,scope,location and technology or approach.

HHWTS issues addressed:
Yes,the e-conference went deep though not exhaustive.All remaining issues could be discussed another day.Contributions so far has been both exploratory and descriptive.Support for HHWTS should in addition to cash funding involve legislation,networking,supply of water quality kits,training,incentives , evaluation and monitoring.I agree with the options prescribed by Susan.

Government and HHWTS:
The government from our experience here often play lip service.The government generally see water source development as a major priority over HHWTS.HHWTS is seen more in government circle as an emergency palliative.Beyond this myopic viewpoint people or individuals are left to sort themselves out.Till this orientation is changed, cogs to progress will remain herculean and obstrusive.Let recognition for HHWTS cascade from the international fora where global political decalarations for example the MDGs were made.WHO can play a key role on this.
Joachim Ibeziako Ezeji
Programme Coordinator/CEO.

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